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EatFilm presents... Batman Returns

On a snowy Christmas night, Tucker and Esther Cobblepot throw their deformed infant child Oswald into Gotham River, fearing he would become a menace to society after attacking their pet cat. His basket floats to an abandoned zoo and is found by a flock of penguins who raise him as one of their own.

33 years later, during the lighting of Gotham City's Christmas tree, a villainous gang of carnival performers stage a riot. While billionaire Bruce Wayne, as Batman, subdues the criminals, corrupt businessman Max Shreck falls through a trapdoor and is brought to the underground lair of Cobblepot himself, who is now the nefarious kingpin known as The Penguin. A former sideshow freak, Cobblepot explains his desire to become a respected citizen of Gotham and blackmails Shreck into helping him.

Macaroni Cheese, chilli beef nachos or hot dog & fries and a movie for only £13.95 for 2!

For more information or to hire Eat Film for your own private party call 0141 221 8886 and speak to our Events Manager.

* Due to licensing restrictions, EatFilm patrons must be 18 years

Earlier Event: September 8
Later Event: September 15